april 2020

This is the first My Guilty Reading Pleasures of the month which shall probably be officially known as lockdown month from now on and I’m excited to share the books I’ve most enjoyed reading this month. Here they are:

Guilty Pleasure Number 1 : A Gift for Dying by M.J.Arlidge

This is a standalone novel by M J Arlidge and it has a supernatural twist to it. I loved it. It was really compelling with characters that really grip you. I found the idea of a forensic psychologist faced with something completely outside his shpere of knowledge mesmerising. Combine this with a girl who sees death everywhere, a serial killer and an emotionally charged home life and you have an explosive storyline. I was concerned that the move away from his series of books featuring the kickass detective Helen Grace might fall short of the mark for me. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong. This was a compelling and intriguing read from start to finish.

Guilty Pleasure Number 2: Good Girl, Bad Girl by Michael Robotham

Good Girl, Bad Girl is a move away from Robotham’s Joe O’Loughlin series that I love so much and I was pleased to read such an explosive start to the series. Both Cyrus Haven, the psycholgist and Evie Cormac are great characters. Both have their own troubled pasts to deal with and their common experiences could bring them together or tear them apart. This was a delightfully enigmatic read, with a definite moreish feel to it. The complexities of Haven’s life combined with Cormac’s self destructive tendencies had me rooting for them form the start. I found it both a thought provoking and thrilling read. I look forward to more in this series.

My Guilty Pleasures Number 3: Her Last Secret by P L Pane

Wow – what a great book. I was hooked from the start. The idea of a father trying to re-connect with his estranged murdered daughter was so poignant. Throw in the thrilling mystery, the secrets and lies and a touch of romance and it has all the ingredients of a fabulous read. Jake’s desire to find his daughter’s killer is poignant and perfectly written. I found myself really rooting for him amid the chaos of his gilt and sef flagellation – who could blame him. But then his dogged determination kicks in and things start to not add up and Jake becomes a father out for justice. I found Her Last Secret cleverly plotted, well paced and thrilling.

My Guilty Pleasures Number 4: All His Pretty Girls by Charly Cox

Set in New Mexico and introducing Detective Alyssa Wyatt, this is a fantastic read with twists and turns aplenty. The premise of this novel is very tricksy and i loved that about it. The idea that the detective is being hunted but is completely unaware of that is inspired. As Wyatt focusses of finding the abducted girl, the killer focusses on getting closer to her. Wyatts work/life vbalance is beutifully explored, making her well rounded as a character and giving us access to her weaknesses as well as her strengths. Some of the scenes had my jaw hitting the floor at the audacity of the killer. Breath taking, fast paced and well plotted.

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