Guilty Pleasures July

This month I’ve read many books but these three stand out for many reasons. The Abduction by A.A Chaudhuri is a brilliant take on a police procedural/PI novel, When She Was Good by Michael Robotham is quite frankly my favourite read so far of 2020 and This Side of Death by Andrew Barrett with his brilliant character CSI Eddie Collins is a close second.

Guilty Pleasure 1: The Abduction by A.A Chaudhuri

What can I say? This novel is a fast paced PI come police procedural novel featuring the duo detective Jake Carver and lawyer Maddie Kramer. When two lawyers from Maddie’s law firm are abducted and a ransom set, Maddie and Carver are set on a thrilling investigation. But, of course all is not as it seems as lies, corruption and sex scandals abound as the complex investigation progresses ending with a wonderfully thrilling series of exposes that leave everyone reeling. The appeal of this novel is twofold. Firstly the burgeoning relationship between Jake and Maddie is fascinating, but I have to say, the complexity and detail of the plot really left me gasping. It’s intricacy and excellent execution made for a twisty and compelling read. Five Stars from me!

Guilty Pleasure 2: When She Was Good by Michael Robotham

I’ve had When She Was Good on my TBR pile from Netgalley for absolutely ages and other commitments kept pushing it down the pile. After reading the first in this series – Good Girl Bad Girl – I was absolutely smitten by the characters and wanted to follow their journey and, just to be clear I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED. When She Was Good is a brilliant follow up and is every bit as compelling as the first in the series. Although it could be read as a standalone, I’d recommend reading the first in the series first to get the full effect of this brilliant follow up, which follows the two main characters’ journey.
After finishing Good Girl Bad Girl, I was desperate to find out more about the two troubled main characters, Cyrus Haven and Evie Cormac. I was left desperate to know the rest of their stories and in When She Was Good, that’s exactly what we find out – well as regards Evie anyway. Spine tingling, suspenseful and chillingly emotive – I can’t praise this book enough. I think it is my favourite book of 2020 so far. Of course it got 5 Stars!

Guilty Pleasure 3: This Side of Death by Andrew Barrett

Don’t you just love it when you get introduced to a new series that you just love? Then, it just gets better and better when you realise that there are five more books in the series. Well, that’s exactly how I felt reading this one from Andy Barrett. Andy’s characterisation is second to none. He nailed both the chilling serial killer Alex Sheridan , leaving my skin crawling at times. But equally, he nailed troubled, CSI Eddie Collins: Complex, sarcastic, caustic, funny and completely believable. I was totally drawn in. Then of course there’s the plot … what a bloody stonker. Talk about gobsmacked. In this novel Eddie’s life is on the line and not only does he have to deal with that, but he has to deal with an assault of past memories influencing his mood, making him vulnerable. This is Yorkshire writing at its best. All the stars from me!!!

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