I might moan about the weather on occasion, but the one thing I could never give up to move to more temperate climes, is seeing the variety of Autumn colours. As a teacher, Autumn was always the time for walks out looking at leaves and trees, learning about hibernating animals and creating seasonal poetry. I cherish those memories from my teaching days.


There is something very special about rain battering on your windows and the wind howling outside. I have to say I find it very inspiring for my writing, particularly if I’m writing darker scenes.


There’s something quite beautiful about bonfires. Perhaps it’s the primitive attraction to fire that many of us have. Perhaps it’s the dancing flames and the community feel of bonfire parties. Whatever it is it’s warming in more ways than one.


Come on, how many of you don’t love November because it gives you an excuse to stuff your face with Yorkshire Parkin? Well, I have to admit that I love a bit of parkin and I don’t just mean around bonfire night, but at least then I’ve got an excuse.


Having a November birthday suits me down to the ground. I don’t particularly like to celebrate but who the heck’s going to give up an excuse to crack open a bottle of Prosecco? Not me – I’ll be the one with the Prosecco and a plate of Yorkshire Parkin in the corner watching the bonfire.


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