Femme fatales

Yesterday, I spent such an enjoyable hour chatting all things crime, characters, locations, accents and more with these beauties. I also find crime authors so generous and funny and approachable and I think this just proves it. Have a listen … I’m sure you’ll love it.

This was an absolute dream for me. Both of these writers have held me captive (not literally you understand?) for hours and hours … on the edge of my seat … wondering what they’re going to put their characters through next and generally being fantastic.

Huge shout out to UKCBC for hosting this event. On-line festivals have, through necessity replaced the many festivals crime fiction fans usually migrate to. This book group is one of the most inclusive and lovely book clubs to be in. If you want to meet up on Facebook with like minded and ever so friendly folk, then here’s the link.

Click here to join

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