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Broken Silence Sneaky Peek: The Prologue

Yesterday, I gave you a sneaky peek into my thought processes for Broken Silence by letting you read a scene which didn’t actually make the final cut. That scene helped to form Stefan Marcovici as a real person to me and so today I thought I’d share the Prologue that actually made the final edit. […]

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Broken Silence: The Victims of Modern Day Slavery

Whenever I write a novel, I spend a long time getting into the characters, considering what their back stories might be, wondering what brought them to this stage of their lives. Broken Silence was no different in that respect. Broken Silence is about Modern Day Slavery and I decided to focus on a particular character, […]

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Broken Silence: The Motivation Behind it.

‘Writing novels as a form of activism! Part of a long tradition of lit/art engaging with difficult problems, raising awareness. Once you know, you can’t claim ignorance.’ Baroness Lola Young ‘(Hu)Man’s inhumanity to (hu)manMakes countless thousands mourn!‘ Robert Burns A couple of years ago I attended a talk at Bradford Literature Festival led by Baroness […]

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Broken Silence Launch Giveaway

To celebrate the publication day of #Broken Silence I’m doing a pamper yourself giveaway. One lucky person could win this bundle of goodies: An Ebook copy of Broken Silence, Thorntons prosecco with chocolates, A Moroccan coin purse, A Macaron Treats Yankee candle, Astrawberry bath bomb, Planet Spa face mask, Jane austen Literary Quotes Tea bags, […]

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Friday Fives: 5 Bradford settings in Broken Silence

Bradford features in all of my books. It’s been my home for over thirty years and I take great delight in bringing Bradford to life for those who may never have visited the city. Broken Silence explores organised Modern Day Slavery and I hope gives a little insight into this horrific trade in human suffering. […]

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To celebrate Diwali, I am doing a small giveaway where two lucky winners will receive an ebook copy of Last Request from Amazon, a traditional Indian soap stone incense holder, 1 x Rose incense, 1 x Sandalwood incense, 2 x Divas (candles), some Indian sweets in a hand carved wooden bowl. (NB- sweets will contain […]

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Settings in Last Request: Odeon Bradford City Centre

Bradford’s disused Odeon in right in the city centre of Bradford. In Last Request, the car park behind the Odeon building features quite heavily as the spot where the remains of my serial killer’s victims are discovered. Of course, that discovery has a major emotional and professional impact on D.S Nikki Parekh as she becomes […]

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