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Yesterday, I gave you a sneaky peek into my thought processes for Broken Silence by letting you read a scene which didn’t actually make the final cut. That scene helped to form Stefan Marcovici as a real person to me and so today I thought I’d share the Prologue that actually made the final edit.

February 2019

A sharp rat-a-tat-tat somewhere near his head, shattered his reassurance. Someone was out there banging on the side of the bin. Stefan held his breath and his body stiffened. Maybe it was one of the workers out for a smoke. He strained his ears. He couldn’t hear anything else – no dogs, no voices. Maybe whoever it was had gone.

Then it came – a coarse singsong whisper penetrating the plastic bin – taunting and at the same time chilling him. ‘Come out, come out, wherever you are.’

This was followed by ferocious yelping and Stefan knew the game was up. The lid was thrown back and a bright torch shone into the inside. In a last-ditch attempt, Stefan remained still and silent, but it was no good. Whoever shone the torch followed that by pushing a long prod through the layers of cardboard. When it connected with his body, Stefan braced himself not to react, then the electric current from the Taser had him yelping in pain as his entire body shook for a moment and then became numb. Seconds later, two of Bullet’s henchmen dragged him from the bin and flung him in a heap on the wet ground. The dogs salivating and over-excited pranced and jumped close to him, taking the odd nipping bite before they were yanked back by their owners.

‘Oh dear. This makes me very sad, you know. It also makes my boss very sad.’ Bullet tilted his head to one side and laughed. ‘Actually, it doesn’t make him sad so much as angry.’

He waved his phone in the air. ‘He told me to hit you where it hurts and boy, am I going to enjoy doing that.’

As, you know Broken Silence is about Modern Day Slavery, So, if you suspect that there is Modern Day Slavery happening in your city, town, road, or area, or if you are affected by this, then please contact this number 08000 121 700

These links are to organisations which work with trafficked people and can provide much more information:

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