My Guilty Reading Pleasures February 2020

This is the first My Guilty Reading Pleasures of the year and I’m excited to share the books I’ve most enjoyed reading in February. Quite by accident rather than design , the two books I’ve chosen as my best reads this month both have a main character with a disability – which is something you […]

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My Guilty Reading Pleasures January 2020

This is the first My Guilty Reading Pleasures of the year and I’m excited to share the books I’ve most enjoyed reading this month. Here they are: Guilty Pleasure Number 1 : Black Summer by M.W. Craven I just love the Washington Poe and Tilly Bradshaw series. This is the second in the series and […]

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Friday Fives: My Five Favourite Fictional Sociopaths

There’s something so compelling about reading about or watching a well drawn fictional sociopath from the safety of your own home. I love the chilling darkness that oozes from the pages or the screen, yet its that distance that allows many of us the chance to explore what makes a sociopath. To see how they […]

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My Guilty Reading Pleasures November 2019

My Guilty Reading Pleasures this month have been a little bit different from normal. Just completing the final draft of DS Nikki Parekh Book 2 meant I found myself dipping into various factual books for information and I discovered three that were particularly useful to me during this time. I thought I’d share them here. […]

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Friday Fives: 5 things to love about November

AUTUMN COLOURS I might moan about the weather on occasion, but the one thing I could never give up to move to more temperate climes, is seeing the variety of Autumn colours. As a teacher, Autumn was always the time for walks out looking at leaves and trees, learning about hibernating animals and creating seasonal […]

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My Guilty Reading Pleasures: October 2019

Did a lot of reading last month and as usual found it difficult to chose my three favourites. I did a bit of a binge read of Carla Kovach’s Gina Harte series, so that was a no brainer. Mark Billingham’s Their Little Secret was intriguing and had a slightly different feel from his usual Thorne […]

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I need some help. I’m working on a novella featuring Gus McGuire and Jo Jo from Unseen Evil. The story kicks off on Halloween with a party at Gus’ mum and dad’s house. In true life of the party style Fergus McGuire has dressed up as Frankenstein and Corrine McGuire as Morticia form te Adam’s […]

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