My Guilty Pleasures: July 2020

This month I’ve read many books but these three stand out for many reasons. The Abduction by A.A Chaudhuri is a brilliant take on a police procedural/PI novel, When She Was Good by Michael Robotham is quite frankly my favourite read so far of 2020 and This Side of Death by Andrew Barrett with his […]

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My Guilty Pleasures: June 2020

I’ve been spoiled for choice this month with really great books. I don’t know if it’s the climate in terms of Covid, but my reading mojo has increased and again this month, I’ve chosen an eclectic selection of books. Whilst I love reading crime fiction, I’ve decided to also make sure I expand my reading […]

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UNBOUND TIES Thanks so much to everyone who joined in. I ended up choosing two separate winners as their suggestions when combined made the perfect title. Congratulations to Cheryl Olivera and Kerry Richardson . You will each be mentioned in the acknowledgements of the book. Your prize may look slightly different to the one pictured, […]

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My Guilty Reading Pleasures MAY 2020

This month my choices are a little bit different from usual. I have chosen two crime novels which rocked my socks off and I’ve also chosen a book about faith and being gay to round of my trio of choices Guilty Pleasure Number 1 : The Split by Sharon Bolton From the arctic conditions of […]

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My Guilty Reading Pleasures April 2020

This is the first My Guilty Reading Pleasures of the month which shall probably be officially known as lockdown month from now on and I’m excited to share the books I’ve most enjoyed reading this month. Here they are: Guilty Pleasure Number 1 : A Gift for Dying by M.J.Arlidge This is a standalone novel […]

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Broken Silence Sneaky Peek: The Prologue

Yesterday, I gave you a sneaky peek into my thought processes for Broken Silence by letting you read a scene which didn’t actually make the final cut. That scene helped to form Stefan Marcovici as a real person to me and so today I thought I’d share the Prologue that actually made the final edit. […]

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Broken Silence: The Victims of Modern Day Slavery

Whenever I write a novel, I spend a long time getting into the characters, considering what their back stories might be, wondering what brought them to this stage of their lives. Broken Silence was no different in that respect. Broken Silence is about Modern Day Slavery and I decided to focus on a particular character, […]

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